Date Rolls

This is probably the easiest and simplest dessert you will ever make! You'll be surprised how delicious this is! I love these, I make them all the time!

  • Dates (how ever many you intend to eat)
  • chopped pecans (pre-soaked, dehydrated, then chopped)
  • Almonds (optional - again, presoaked and dehydrated)

  • Take the date cut it in half, remove the seed. 
  • Flip the date inside out, this doesn't have to be neatly done.
  • (OPTIONAL-for adding an almond inside) Take the almond, put it on the non-sticky side of the date and roll into a ball around it. Allowing the sticky side to be on the outer layer.
  • Then roll the sticky ball into the chopped pecans until its reached its desired covering. And...

TADA! You have Date Rolls! I love these! I seriously eat them all the time!


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