WEEKLY FITNESS TIP: Quality Over Quantity

This weeks fitness tip is simple...Quality over Quantity! 

I'm sure you're wondering what does this mean? Well...this is simple...If you can do 20 crunches that are of perfect form, do them and be satisfied...feel accomplished. I'd rather see someone do that than to see someone build high numbers doing 100 crunches in imperfect form.

Imperfect form can do more harm than good. Aside from the bodily harm one can incur from exercising incorrectly, you really aren't doing yourself any true service when you're doing them wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't have goals and don't push yourself. Just don't try to keep up with the Jones'...keep up with you.

I work out 6 days a week, but I also listen to my body. Sometimes I walk as a warm up and sometimes I run. Sometimes I work out for an hour and half, then sometimes I work out for 20-30 minutes. It's about what I have on my plate that day and how my body is feeling...but more importantly its about perfect form. Sometimes I end my workout early when I hear my body say that it "feels the burn" and not to wear it out. It's shocking but sometimes my shorter workouts are more intense than my longer workouts. That's because I've put in far more quality in a shorter amount of time.

Now maybe that situation doesn't pertain to you, maybe a better situation is doing less intense exercises. Well here's a true story for you. I was watching a friend of mine workout who had just had a baby. This lady had lost 20lbs and was looking really great in (I'm guestimating) 4 weeks time. She had a c-section, so she couldn't really do the strenuous exercises she wanted. But, oh how she wanted her pre-pregnant body back. You know what she did? Stretching and walking. That's right! Stretching and walking! And she looked amazing. She started out walking about 4 blocks per day, but she walked those 4 blocks in perfect form. Her stretches gradually increased to building back up her core...and eventually she added more miles to her walking and she looks like she never had a baby.

The moral to this story is: what works for me may not work for you, find what works for you and stick with it...but in moderation. So again, it's fine to push yourself, but also know what your limits are and don't push yourself to where you're doing more damage to your body than good. When you find yourself getting into this situation, this is a time when less IS more. You will be able to escalate yourself to doing more as you train your body to get into the habit of working those targeted muscles...but everything in due time.

Peace and Blessings to you...Have a wonderful weekend...see you all again on Sunday!

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