30 Day Raw Plant Based Food Challenge

Not sure if you've heard, but I'm having another 30 Day Raw Plant Based Food Challenge! The last time, I had one was last year around May. I wasn't blogging "officially" then, but I had just launched the facebook and twitter pages, so now, I guess I am making it an annual event. *smiles*

This 30 Day Raw Plant Based Food Challenge is a challenge that is geared towards:  
  • helping to introduce those of you who are interested in the raw food lifestyle, but may not know where or how to start. 
  • those of you who think its "too much work" or a complicated thing to do, thus learning how to make complex looking dishes and meals in a simple and easy manner.
  • breaking the stigma that "eating raw means you always have to eat salads". 
  • teaching affordable yet nutritious ways to implement healthier meals into your lifestyle.
  • teaching you that you can still eat some of the same foods without compromising flavor and/or taste.
  • teaching you that you can still eat some of your favorite foods, without compromising your health. 
  • helping you to jump start a healthy eating lifestyle. 
  • helping those who are interested in shedding unwanted pounds (some have reported losing at least 15lbs when having a raw food diet). 
  • rebooting and helping to start a healthier you.
How does this work?
  • It's simple... eat nothing but raw foods for 30 days straight! No processed foods, no processed beverages. Only pure, raw and organic foods!
  • I will post a recipe each day of the 30 Day Raw Plant Based Food Challenge. Now, just so you know...It is NOT mandatory for you to make each and every recipe that I post each day.  I'm just sharing some of the recipes of the foods I'll be eating. Nevertheless, other great raw food options are available here and please feel free to google "raw food recipes" there are a lot of us raw foodies out here that love to share our recipes.
  • I will NOT post a daily regimented food schedule, nor will I tell you what to eat. I want people to choose the foods that work best for them.
  • I will write a post about some helpful food items you might want to start stocking up on now and catching sales, just in case these items are not a part of your every day use.
  • I will provide motivational tips.
  • The facebook group page will be a hub for conversations with one another, and a buddy if need be. This is a community group page and many communicate with each other on the page. So if you have a question or need help, many will be there to provide the support and guidance needed.

How much is it to participate?
  • Nothing, its absolutely FREE! (of course you buy your own food *smile*)

When does it start?
  • This event is beginning March 1, 2012 and ending March 30, 2012.

What do you need to do to sign up?
  • Simply follow me on the facebook and twitter pages and subscribe to a reader of your choice with our RSS Feed! Additional ways you can stay in the know with our FREE:
Special Note to you visual folks: I have been paying close attention to the comments on facebook, my inbox and the emails, and yes there will be SOME youtube videos showing you how I make my food. I'm a one woman be patient with me. I can't guarantee every recipe will be on video, but I will work on doing some. So subscribe to the channel now and stay tuned! 

A sneak peak into some foods you'll learn how to make... (click the images for details on the recipes)
Turtle Brownies
Nope It's NOT "Butter" Pecan Icecream!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake


Cheesy Kale Chips
Sunflower Seed Crackers

Fettuchini Alfredo
Spinach Lasagna
Pretty exciting, right? So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!!! And be sure to spread the word! The more the merrier! Oh and by the way, if you can't commit to the full 30 days, have no worries! If you're even willing to try this for one day, I'm happy with that! For those of you who aren't ready to try this yet, subscribe anyway, you never know, you might see something you might want to try out one day! 
And for you Veteran Raw foodists, this isn't limited to newbies! Come join us, support the new folks trying this out, befriend them and help teach them about the lifestyle. 
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