Beach Dream

I was literally fantasizing yesterday about being at a beach, with my feet in the sand, a cabana boy fanning me with a banana leaf, while the other cabana boy was spritzing me periodically with lightly chilled purified water over my coconut oiled body, while basking in the sun sipping on a banana pineapple smoothie. When I day dream, I do it up don't I? *smile*

So I decided to bring the beach to me! I couldn't decide whether or not to call this an icecream or a sorbet, its really a mixture of both...but the best part, it seriously only has 2 ingredients...bananas and pineapples...
Beach Dream

  • 1- 2 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 - 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/4 cup of water (as needed to lubricate the blender blade and keep it from sticking)
I put only 1 frozen banana and 1 cup frozen pineapples in the  Vitamix blender. I added a splash of water periodically to keep the blade moving and so it won't stick. And its just that now have the Beach Dream! 

  1. You can make this as thick or thin as you want, just add more water.
  2. If you want it more like a thick icecream, add 2 frozen bananas.
  3. If you want to turn this into a thick milkshake, add coconut or almond milk instead of water. (you can thank me later)
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